Vip Charter

World Air Services Limited provides Passenger Jet Charters for government or VIP travel agencies, tour groups and incentive travel programs, movement of key personnel by corporations and for individual clients ensuring that the luxurious and comfortable facilities to meet its customers’ price and time requirements.

Our VIP & Private jet charter service accommodates a variety of needs:

Government and diplomatic flights

Business flights

Executive flights

Company events and organizations

Band and fashion tours

Travel plans for sport personalities

Hospitality flights

Seaplane flights

vip charter

World Air Services Limited search and planning tools make the process of sourcing a premium private jet easy. Our VIP charter specialists are the only tool where you can instantly search private jet charter solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our friendly, knowledgeable VIP charter specialists are available to answer any questions and assist in planning any flight.


We are working 24/7, you can call us at any time +852 8199 0468

vip charter

Executive Charter

Direct flights from the closest airports

Avoiding long transfers and delays at scheduled service

VIP/CIP lounges arrangement and on board custom clearance service on request.

Flexible schedules mean that if your meetings run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting

Luxury cabins that are comfortable and quiet allowing you to arrive feeling fresh.

Onboard communications are available on many of the larger jets – including telephone and fax machines as well as internet access.

First class cuisine selected to your personal requirements.

Contact us and let our dedicated air charter specialists handle your business jet charter requirements with safety and confidence.