Special Courier Service

Some shipments scheduled cargo flights that are so important and urgent that’s not possible, but there is no special plane sent by the budget. In these cases, private courier freight customers / Hand transport.

(On Board Courier / Hand Carriage) would offer the option. And the staff allocated to the courier, and the fastest way to get your cargo to the desired address, no matter where in the world the first flight / flights keeps up with.

OBC / private courier solutions we can offer our service as flexible as possible based on the demands of our customers;

Whatever the nature of your shipment (documents / valuable goods / spare parts / packaging, etc.). Need to be taken at.

Begins the first scheduled airline travel with OBC staff are available.

Connecting for the first time, with faster transport is expected to be moved to the destination.

Post office or upon request from the customs at the airport of arrival, will be delivered to the address.

special courier service

OBC shipments delivered by our staff trained to a high degree of precision until the surrender of the receipt shall be kept with care.

special courier service call

We are working 24/7, you can call us at any time +852 8199 0468

special courier service

Fast Special Courier Service

The planned flight details, including detailed information, detailed program information, and transmits the courier.

Until it is delivered to the address courier shipment will arrive at the address and be notified of all movements.

Possible flight cancellations or delays courier staff assigned to the task completes the task of using alternative options, half without.

World Air Services Limited in 50 countries and has a strategic importance in the world located in 150 offices and a staff of OBC serves its customers with maximum speed.

OBC / Special to Courier services enough manpower and ambitious team with deep experience available.

Contact us and let our dedicated air charter specialists handle your business jet charter requirements with safety and confidence.