ACMI & Aviation Consultancy

World Air Services Limited, customers with an expert and experienced staff, short-and long-term aircraft leasing solutions.


ACMI with a simple method of expression, seçeneğidir.Bu option is to supply customers with turnkey aircraft airplane which took the purchase method, or are planning to meet the need for temporary air is ideal for airlines and air operators.

ACMI Aircraft Rental Option





ACMI lease option to supply our customers with the aircraft, flight personnel, the cost of any aircraft maintenance and aircraft insurance karşılanır.Planlanan flights, all other expenses (fuel, passengers and / or cargo loading and loading costs, and costs of flight permits, food and beverage costs, costs of the airport, which is necessary for the crew accommodation costs, etc.). customers (hirer) responsibility.


Dry Lease Aircraft Leasing Option

This option is only needed air and essential personnel are meeting the demands of flying or air operators.

Aircraft Sales and Consulting Services

The process of buying an aircraft may be surprising. Without support from a trained professional in such a frame, the buying process, sonuçlanabilir.SkyAir with financial disaster. , the air intake is buying from conception to completion of purchase you’ll be happy to give full support to our customers.

Our team of experts with you every step of the purchase process will be as a supporter;

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ACMI Consultancy

Based on the determination of the uygunuçağın demand and budget.

Flight rating

Planning and implementation of test flights.

Examination of the aircraft.

Bargaining and negotiations on the purchase.

Finance and insurance

Air delivery

Training and insurance procedures

Aircraft operation, management and maintenance

More detailed information about the purchase of air to reach and support, please contact our team of experts.